melanie berliet

Mélanie Berliet is a Partner and the Chief Editorial Director at Thought Catalog, a digital youth culture magazine with over 30mm monthly readers. Affiliate sites include Quote Catalog and Shop Catalog.

Prior to joining Thought Catalog, Mélanie worked as a writer and producer for many major brands, creating original content across platforms.

Mélanie’s writing, which is best described as immersive, experiential, or gonzo journalism, has appeared in Vanity Fair, Elle, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, the Atlantic, Pacific Standard, Esquire, and Playboy among others. She specializes in going undercover to infiltrate fascinating subcultures, and has taken turns as a naked body sushi model, a drug dealer, a sugar baby, a phone sex operator, and more. Many of her features have gone viral, and she is frequently invited to discuss her work and her unique investigative approach on national television. As a producer, Mélanie consulted on MTV’s hit unscripted show, The Buried Life, and has created several original formats for the web and television.

But none of the above PR-friendly word barf says much about who Mélanie is as a person. For the billions completely uninterested in the topic of Mélanie as a person, that’s all well and good. But Mélanie’s ego won’t allow her to discount the possibility that there’s at least one human out there aching to know more. In the name of revealing something you might not already know from reading her memoir and all of the first-person stories chronicling her journalistic endeavors, here are Mélanie’s responses to the Proust Questionnaire, and her answers to a few frequently asked questions.